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September 2012: Please see ebook news below : 24 July 2012 . This note overrides earlier notes regarding the availability of books and until further notice.

 www.fastsympo.co.uk   Regrettably fastsympo is suspended until further notice but titles are available on Amazon KIndle. 23 November 2012

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2012 A note will appear here when fast sympo has been tested for efficiency.  Titles available at Amazon Kindle and a limited number of first edition paper copies  of "The A to Z of Oil Colour"  is available for collectors. This title will be available from Amazon for Kindle ebooks in the near future.

2013  Links to larger presentation of  pictures coming soon. 

  Brush-up Shakespeare Series    Gem Art Series & Art GallerySafe, free viewing - young and old. 

Owing to reduced servers or unethical hackers, information and extracts from the Brush-up Shakespeare series is not available. A  list of titles including translations may be viewed by clicking  the Gem Art Series and scrolling to the ISBN link.     

 New picture at Gallery 1/2   June 2009  Click here for   The Gallery!

E Book  UPDATE:24 July 201    TitleS available from    AmaZON KINDLE

Please note that the English edition of  Highlights in Hamlet is enrolled in Amazon Kindle's Select programme and is not available for download or email  delivery ( c.o. fast sympo) while the title remains with the Kindle programme.  The title remains available in print format and for dual language editions.

"Mint-Marks in Macbeth"  out as an ebook  October 2012. Available on Amazon Kindle at 3 approximately.

Please note:  This Title is not in Kindle's  Select programme  but is available with discount in the Kindle store for downlaod. Happy Reading.

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The following notes are archived for future use-  down to book titles and publishing news.

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        In the Sympo Sunrise Series for children: 

         In Search of the Good Prince; Reviews   

         a fun challenge to certain superstitions  12 September 2005   

              Reynolds and  Melech 

    New edition  on way   2009/10   Current title  out of print.

         This title is not available for download or email document delivery owing to copious illustrations. 

         Paperbacks available from High Street outlets to order and Libraries.  

 Publishing News December 2012 :   Reg.  " In Search of the Good Prince." Melech suggests a new edition/ new title, revised end chapter and new illustrations. The discussion  continues. First editions available for collectors by contacting Symposium  or other outlets for collectibles.

Look out for Reynolds and Melech's new  mind boggling saga for young readers  on Kindle available 

24 December 2012. "Felicity Sweet-hope and the Magic Bag." Full colour illustrations by Ian R Ward.


Regrettably, contests are suspended owing to bereavements.

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Brush-up Shakespeare : Complete Synopses plus glossaries (explains words) in seconds  as download plus safe email attachment to save or/and print out. Bound books available from conventional book stores  & libraries.

The Series: Very clear and concise: 


Excellently done: Hallam Tennyson

At Symposium, we are deeply saddened by the passing of Hallam Tennyson in December 2005. He was  a stalwart friend and  godfather to Edward Melech,  Richard and Veronica Melkonian. 

January 2006

 At  Symposium we are deeply  grieved by the passing of John Wheeler-melech

(Bogdan Melech) 1 January 2011. Obituary may be found within the site by clicking on the Gem Art Series. There is notice in The Times 2011 and www.legacy.com

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 sent in seconds  as download plus safe email attachment to save or/and  print out.

Huge savings for art students.

The world's complete, practical guide to oil colour in art : email book: 1-50

        Paperback:  3. 99

                                            Welcome to the Gallery: Click on Art and follow link . Free viewing!                             

 In the Gem Series: Lyrics for language students coming soon.

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       Original art,  oil on canvas  and board:        John Wheeler-melech  (1924-2011)

        To read John Wheeler-melech's obituary, click on " Art" at top of this  home page, then scroll  down to the Gem Art Series. Then click on  John Wheeler-melech. Happy Viewing. Suitable for any age, young and old.

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